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Pair2Share is an organization created to inspire and connect young people who have a passion for dance by sharing one another’s shoes. Our mission is to collect and donate new and gently used dance shoes in order to make dance a more accessible outlet for Atlanta’s youth and create a community of dancers who share a love for the sport.



As competitive dancers in many different styles, we know how many shoes each season requires. Our idea to create a circle of giving grew from closets overflowing with gently used shoes that we knew could be donated and enjoyed by other dancers. We had the idea to help young dancers explore their passions and reach their potentials by giving them the resources to do so. Can a feeling of connection to the larger community of dance be made if a dancer is given a pair of shoes that comes from another dancer?

In each pair of donated shoes, we plan to put an inspirational quote or note to the recipient. Each note will have our website address and we will ask the reader to share their story of how they received the shoes as well as what they plan to use them for. This story will be shared on our website on the “Donate and Donated” page. We would like to keep connected with those who receive Pair2Share shoes in order to create a community of dancers who might not have the opportunity to meet in person. We hope to inspire each other to become better dancers and better people, who know how to “pay it forward” and give back in gratitude for all we have been given.

With the slogan “share your sole” we are promoting not only the donation of dance shoes, but also a bigger connection within our community as dance is a passion that we all share. We want our recipients to feel as though they are walking in someone else’s shoes and connect to the sport in this new light.

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