Pair2Share Day

One of Pair2Share’s main goals is to connect dancers everywhere by creating a relationship between different parts of the seemingly huge dance community. We do this with our donations of shoes, but we wanted to take it to a more personal level.

We have started a program called Pair2Share Day where we can come to your studio and teach a fun class or do a dance related art project. One project we have done in the past is tap shoe mobiles! We took the taps off of donated tap shoes and had the students of one dance studio make mobiles with one tap, beads, hangers, and yarn. They not only loved the art project, but also were so excited to hear that the taps used to belong to some other dancer!

We believe that this kind of activity can help students see dance as more than just a hobby. They can see it in its form as an art. It will also see it in its form of community. As dancers, we form immediate bonds with other dancers and artists. Working with pieces from other dancers helps the students form a connection in the dance world and realize that there are no boundaries no matter who you are or where you are from as we all revolve around the same passion.

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