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Hi! Welcome to our organization, Pair2Share. We are the founders: Juliana, Mekayla, and Meriah. We are all graduates of Footnotes Dance and Acrobatics Vibe Performance Company of Roswell, GA. and are now students at the University of Georgia. We all have so much faith and love in starting this amazing non-profit. We are also members of the GivingPoint Institute which is a year-long program to help teenagers/ young adults begin and fund a non-profit organization. You can find more about each of us individually below!


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Hi! My name is Juliana Abel and I am a sophomore at the University of Georgia and a member of the Georgette Dance Line. Before college, I was in the senior company at my dance studio, and was a dance major in the Visual and Performing Arts Magnet at my high school. I am a current member of Dean William Tate Honor Society at my university, am a graduate from the GivingPoint Institute 2013-2015 and Youth Leadership Sandy Springs 2013-2014, and am a proud winner of the 2014 21st Century Leaders Top 20 under 20!  Over the 14 years that I have been dancing, it has become my absolute passion as I have dedicated my life to the sport and, now, helping the community through sharing this passion with others. I started this organization with a desire to take my dedication to community service one step farther. It has been an amazing experience that I have learned from every step of the way. I am so happy to see the success that has come to this organization thus far and  hope to see my ideas spread among dancers throughout Atlanta and other cities as well. Thank you for showing interest in Pair2Share!



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Hi! My name is Mekayla Murphy and I am a 20-year-old junior at the wonderful University of Georgia.  Dancing is my absolute and ultimate passion in my life, so what better way to explore that passion than to be able to help others in need and spread my love of the art all at the same time?  I have now been dancing for about fourteen years and wouldn’t choose to spend my time doing anything else.  I have built up such a great relationship with my entire dance family and everyone else I’ve become acquainted with through dance, including my two best friends who just happen to be Juliana and Meriah.  While our ages differ, our passion for dance and this organization does not.  The three of us dance together in the competitive Senior Company at Footnotes Dance & Acrobatics in Roswell, Georgia.  I joined Juliana in the creation of this incredible foundation because I would absolutely love to be able to help others feel welcome in a community and explore their passion.  Especially if that passion is dance.


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I’m Meriah Grove and I am a freshman at the University of Georgia. In high school, I was a part of the Visual and Performing Arts Magnet, where I am majoring in dance and graphic design. I also was a member  of the Senior Company at Footnotes Dance and Acrobatics Studio, which has become my second home and dance my second language. I was a member of the dance company at my school and loved getting the opportunity to study choreography, technique and performance as a part of my high school curriculum. I am so passionate about Pair2Share because of how much dance has changed my life. Not only have I found something I love to do, I have also found an incredible community in my teachers and friends who are a part of my dance family. In working with Pair2Share, I want to give back to my community by helping to create an organization whose core values include giving, receiving, and collaborating. By using the universal language of movement, I hope to break down barriers, and inspire and connect with those who share my passion for dance.


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