We are so excited to have released our promotional video that we worked so hard on! We hope everyone enjoys it as much as we do and sees the importance and passion behind what we do!

Shoe Story All the Way from Missouri!

Over the summer, we sent a pair of tap shoes, jazz shoes, and ballet shoes to this beautiful little girl in Missouri!
Things like this remind us why we are so passionate about what we do- so we hope this touches others like it touched us.

From her mom: “She said ‘with my tap shoes mom I will be able to not only make pretty music with my feet but make others smile’
When I asked her what it meant to her to get new tap shoes from Pair2Share, she said it makes her feel whole again and not sad so because I didn’t have to worry about not being able to buy tap shoes for her. She said she can’t wait until she outgrows some so she can pass them on to you for others!”

Her mom also told us that they gave the extra shoes we sent them to another girl at their studio who could not afford dance shoes at all!
Thank you so much to this amazing family in Missouri for reaching out to us and helping us to share with the dance community beyond Atlanta!

A Beautiful Shoe Story!

One dancer from our home studio received a pair of shoes and wrote us a beautiful thank you! We were brought to tears and hope you are, too!

“My name is Nora Belle.  I am 8 years old, and I have been dancing at Footnotes for 2 years.  I really like dancing.  I tried tap class this year, and I love practicing tap!  I took tap, because I thought I would like it, and I wanted to try new things.  It seemed faster than ballet, and I was excited to try it.  My family laughs, because they say they can always hear me tapping away upstairs in my house.  I even practice when we are at the grocery store or waiting in line.  This year I have grown quickly, and I outgrew my tap shoes right before recital.  I told Ms. Christy that my shoes were hurting my feet, and I told her I was worried about what to do for recital.  My shoes were so small that I could not get my foot inside anymore.  I borrowed shoes for dress rehearsal from another girl, but I knew she would need her shoes on the recital day for her own dance.  I didn’t know what I would do.  Ms. Christy said not to worry.  But I was still really worried about it.

On recital day, some big girls named Mekayla, Juliana, and Meriah came over and told me that they had some tap shoes for me…tap shoes of my very own.  They gave me a little bag with my own shoes and a note about sharing my shoes.  Mekayla reminded me to share my shoes with other dancers who might need them.  She was really nice to me, and I was so glad to have my OWN shoes for the show.  I didn’t have to borrow, and I didn’t have to worry about it anymore!  My recital was great!  My grandparents and my aunt came and watched me dance.  They said they were proud of me.  I am glad somebody thought of Pair2Share, and that there is a way to share dance shoes with everyone.  I know dance class can cost a lot of money, and it is hard to buy shoes sometimes.  Now I want to help other dancers too, just like someone helped me when I needed it.  I want to keep dancing, and I am excited about next year.  I want to thank the Pair2Share girls for helping me and for helping other girls, too!”

Dancing Makes You Smarter

Aside from being extremely fun, therapeutic, and physically active, dance actually makes you smarter! We cant say that we are surprised by this, check out the stats for yourself on our Facebook page! @Pair2Share



Time to Change the World

We have always been told that we can change the world, but how? The world is huge and I am but a minuscule piece of it. Statistically, this is true, but idealistically this is entirely false! Every person has the opportunity to change their surroundings for the better, sometimes they simply need a little push out the door!
Pair2Share is there to give said push to greater Atlanta’s youth. We want nothing more than to supply the missing puzzle piece that leads to someone’s full potential. With a pair of shoes as our tangible gesture, we are excited to watch those touched on both ends of our spectrum grow and develop into world changers in their own communities. It is truly a circle of sharing and receiving that invites growth not simply a linear vector of giving.

Are you ready to change the world?

Contact us at, @pair2share on Instagram, and @pair2share on Twitter if you are interested in more info or would like to participate in any way!